Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Halloween Treat Table

So today at the store I decided to rearrange the front of the shop, and switch our Fall table with the Halloween table.  So far, I am happy with how the Halloween display looks.  I still need to add a few things (I'm dying to make orange and black poms to hang from my chandelier) but I thought I would share what I have so far.  Many of the ideas can easily be modified for a home Halloween party. DISCLAIMER:  Obviously, I am not a professional photographer.  Not even close. 

Here is our Halloween table.  I took the photo from a ladder looking down on it, otherwise I get too much of the back of the store in the pic.  From eye level, it doesn't look as empty.  See the black and orange cloths on the back of the display ~ they are simply kitchen towels!  We use a lot of towels and napkins in our displays, as inexpensive ways to tie in to the holiday and if we need some height in our display, we just place an empty box under the towel.

I'm loving my tiered tray.  I found the so simple directions at Joy's Hope.  I've used it to display cocktail napkins, but at home it would be so cute for cupcakes or hor'derves.  For some added height, I have one of our Halloween figurines sitting on top.

I'm bummed I couldn't get a better shot of my branch display. I found some "good" branches in my backyard and spray painted them black.  I then bought a glass vase at the dollar store and sprayed that black as well. I placed the branches in, put some stone in the bottom, then used newsprint to pack around the branch and then more stones of the top(they came from the dollar store too).  I hung my "BOO"
banner on there, a few decorations, and then I have some chocolate pumpkins and lollipops hanging from the branches!  I have the vase sitting on a clear glass cake stand, then I surrounded it with bags of candy corn. 

Our hand decorated Oreos.

In most of the photos I see for dessert tables, the treats are all unwrapped, like our pretzels above.  While I love the way that looks photographed, I think in reality, you would want most of your treats (especially chocolate ones) wrapped, like the pretzels shown below.  It doesn't take long for chocolate to melt in little (and big) hands, so unless you like hand prints on your furniture, place your treats in cello bags and then tie them up with a cute favor tag.

I'll post some updated pictures in a week or two when I have all our gift baskets and tins ready. Are you having a Halloween party?  I'd love to see your pictures!

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